Top Bad Habits that Might be Killing your Car Engine

engineEach year, we are witnessing care getting more reliable and safer than previous models. Despite this reliability, for most new cars, the most troubling part is the engine. Faulty engines have made many people sleep by the road for lack of towing services. It doesn’t mean the new generation of engines is prone to all types of dangers, some of the problems that new engines have are cause by us humans.

There are a lot of bad habits that might be killing the life of your engine, and top of these include the following;

Revving your car

You should never rev your car before it reaches the working temperature. If you rev it quite often, you will cause a loss of compression resulting to engine failure. This advice is particularly important especially if you own a diesel truck or car. You need to wait until the oil and engine reach the appropriate working temperature before you can drive fast or rev your car.

Driving on an Empty tank

You should never drive on an empty tank. If you so, you are killing your fuel pump, and it can be very expensive to replace it. To have a proper function, a fuel tank needs to have a certain level of fuel. When the fuel tank is so low, it will either not work or overheat, and this may cause the engine to shut down. Always ensure that the fuel gauge is not below recommended level.

Ignoring Engine Lights

DashboardYou should never ignore checking on the engine light. Modern cars have lights on their dashboard that indicate in case something is wrong with the car engine. When the engine lights come on, you should never ignore as it means there is something wrong with the engine. If you can solve the problem at such time, you will be able to save yourself a lot of money in future, from engine failure.

Regular Maintenance

At any given time, never should a car go by skipping the scheduled maintenance. Such maintenance would be very important especially replacing the oil as it guarantees proper functioning of the car. You should always check on the coolant temperature. Most modern cars have a gauge on their dashboards for engine temperature. You should also avoid hard accelerations and aggressive driving as these subject the engine to too much strain and pressure, and might render it weak on the side of the compression.

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