How to Write a Good Marketing Plan

Do you take a good hard look at what your marketing team does from time to time as I do for the cleaning services Vienna team? If you don’t do that, then you are missing a lot. Have an annual marketing plan will help in setting your marketing on the right footing. You need to view the whole process as having a high-level plan that guides the direction of your team to achieve its goals as well as growth.

Without a marketing plan, things can get very messy. It can be quite challenging to get it right on other business matters such as hiring, outsourcing among others, if you don’t have a marketing plan in place. Depending on the industry you are involved in, there are different marketing plans you can come up with.

To create a marketing plan, there are a couple of things you need to get right, which include the following;

Conduct a situational analysis

Before you can get started with any marketing plan, you need to have a good understanding of your current situation. You must understand your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities as well as threats. Additionally, you need to have a good understanding of the current market. How do you rate and compare with your competitors? This step gives you a good opportunity to perform competitor analysis.

Define your target audience

Once you have developed a better understanding of the market and your company situation. You also need to understand your target audience. If your company has already developed and advanced buyer personas, this step might just need you to refine your buyer personas. In case you don’t have a buyer persona, work on creating one. To do that, you might need to start with market research. Your buyer persona will include demographic information such as age, gender as well as income.

Write smart goals

You can’t go anywhere unless you have a road map. That said, you will not be able to improve your ROI unless you know what your goals are. After you have figured your current situation and know your audience, you can begin the process by defining your smart goals. By smart goals, we mean the goals you set need to be specific, goals that can be measured, attainable, realistic, achievable, and be bound on time. If you have a goal of increasing your social media following, then you must define what specifically you need to do, the steps to take, expected results, and when to expect the results as well.

Once you have set up everything, you will need to analyze your tactics. Once you know your goals, and you have brainstormed several tactics to achieve your goals. When coming up with your tactics, you will need to keep your budget in mind. When setting up your budget, be guided by what you need to achieve. Set an attainable budget, and also gives you the flexibility to achieve what has been set. Be sure to adjust your budget accordingly to ensure you can accommodate any changes that may come along the way.…

Tips for Creating Content That Spreads Naturally

We have all been there; you publish a blog post on any topic such as roof replacement Fredericksburg and expect social shares, page views, and agreeable comments to start rolling in. However, sometimes you get pure silence, and you are not sure what’s going on. The use of social media and content to market a business is not a new concept. This means doing the bare minimum won’t help either. To have your message reach the masses, it takes more than simply publishing content and standing out among your target audience and competitors.

If you want to achieve success in creating content that spreads naturally, here are some tips on how to go about it.

Don’t try something new

There is no need to start afresh or from scratch with a completely new content approach every time you create a blog. You already have content that is getting discovered on its own, so what next is to learn from those efforts. You need to review your analytics to look for the posts that are generating the most views and shares and determine how you can replicate success. Make Google Analytics your friend in identifying key metrics from your blog.

Surprise your following

When it comes to content, there is always a strong connection between virality and emotion. Disgust and anger are not the kind of reactions you would want to be associated with your brand. Any content you write will be able to market itself if it provokes a strong emotional reaction with your audience. After they have consumed your content, they will get the urge to share it with their friends so that they also get the same feeling.

Nail your headlines

One of the best ways to increase the likelihood of someone clicking a link to open your content is through working on your headlines. A great headline is an attention-grabbing one. No matter the subject you are talking about, a great headline will help any piece of content get more opens. Four key things make a great headline. It must be useful in that the blog must be valuable, it must be ultra-specific with users placing a certain expectation on what they will learn from the blog post, it must be unique on why the blog post is compelling, and must express some form of urgency.

Show, don’t tell.

Today, social media platforms have a reward for those who choose the path of visual content. Visuals should be a major element and part of your content strategy. Visuals are proven to increase shares and engagements. It can be unique photos, graphic design, branding visuals, video content, among others. All these visuals will be useful in helping you increase conversions while at the same time offering an engaging and appealing presentation of your content. These days, you don’t need to be a designer to create and share professional-looking visuals.

You need to enable your blog to market your content. The more social media referral traffic that comes to your site, the more new visitors will be interacting with your content.…

How a Diverse Customer Base Protects Your Business

All business owners want to establish relationships with the right clients. A right client is one who is easy to work with, has the right budget, and needs the products and services you provide. But also, it is about having a mix of clients, in what we call a diverse customer base. Tow trucks in Kettering have a diverse customer base and this diversity helps in reducing business risks and transforming the revenue streams if a business.

Developing a more diverse customer base will help businesses mitigate risks, and will also provide additional financial security and stability. Businesses also get the opportunity to work on different types of projects and with different people. Every business and industry is different. There are different factors including geographic and demographic that impact the nature and type of clients you can have.

However, here are the best practices to put in place when looking for the ideal client mix.

Finding the right client

In your initial client search, you should be guided by the needs of your business and the problems you want to solve. Have a clear plan on the problems and needs you want to address. You need to find clients that need what you offer, based on the nature of your business. Collect as much demographic information as possible on the core users of your products and services. Identify who is buying from you, especially if it is different from the person using your services.

A diverse client mix will have a lot of advantage for your business including;

Risk mitigation

Over-reliance on one client can be a big disaster in waiting. If you are working in only one industry or sector and something goes amiss in that industry, it could be the start of your downfall. An economic downturn in the industry might leave your clients with a very limited budget. The sure way to go about it is to have a diverse portfolio of clients and project types that can help you to remain protected.

Cash flow security

Having large anchor clients will form a good ground for your cash flow to keep your business going. Smaller clients and one-off ones may come to give you a few projects, but anchor clients will be the driving force for your business. Reliable clients are crucial to the growth of your business and the management of your time. Having employees and staff who are underutilized can be quite stressful for them and could post losses on your side.

Fosters creativity and innovation

Doing the same work over and over may leave your team upbeat and frustrated. Having smaller clients in different industries will present very good opportunities for you to try something new. When you have a reliable source of revenue, you will be more motivated to take risks on different things by trying new projects and technologies that can foster your creativity and innovation. In everything you do in business, growth will only come by registering more clients and expanding your delivery capacity.…

Tips for Finding a Towing Service

Most people don’t realize the value of a good towing service until they’re abandoned on the side of the roof. You cannot always prepare for your car to break down, but you can be ready for the unexpected by having a reliable towing service in your contacts. There are many great towing companies out there, and just as many sub-par companies that offer people in vulnerable circumstances inferior service. To avoid the latter, take the time to compare several reputable companies to find one that meets your unique needs.

roadside assistance

1. Get Recommendations from Friends and Family

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to learn about a towing company. Most vehicle owners have had their car towed a time or two. Ask your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers who they recommend based on experience.

2. Ask About Response Times

When you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere and need a tow, the last thing you want to do is wait hours for service. A good tow truck service will respond quickly to your request and send out a truck within 30 minutes to your location.

3. Choose a Towing Service that Provides 24-Hour Service

You never know when your vehicle is going to break down. Car troubles are not just limited to the daytime, which means you need a towing service that provides reliable tows around-the-clock.

4. Read Customer Reviews Online

If you don’t have friends or family to ask for recommendations, turn to the internet for help. Most established towing companies will have a website or Yelp page with reviews from past customers. Read through these reviews to learn more about the company.

5. Learn About the Towing Equipment Used

Not all towing companies use the same type of equipment to tow vehicles. It is important that you choose a company that uses safe towing equipment that is modern and in good shape. The towing vehicle should also pass annual inspections.

6. Reach Out to a Customer Service Rep

Write down a list of specific questions you may have for the towing company, such as if their staff goes through training, if they are licensed, and how long they have been in business. Call the prospective towing companies on the phone and ask your questions.

7. Avoid Towing Companies that Charge Hidden Fees

Prices can greatly range from towing business to towing business, with larger chains often charging more than smaller family-based businesses. While there is no right or wrong price, you want to avoid towing companies that tack on hidden fees to the bill.

8. Pick a Company Based on Your Vehicle

Towing companies transport more than just cars and trucks. If you drive a motorcycle, 18-wheeler, RV, or any other type of specialized vehicle, you want to ensure that the towing company you choose has the proper equipment to safely transport your vehicle.

Choosing a Towing Service

You wouldn’t choose a doctor without doing a little research. The same effort should apply for the wellbeing of your vehicle. Take the time to carefully research towing companies in your area to find one that will provide you with reliable, honest service.…

Top Bad Habits that Might be Killing your Car Engine

engineEach year, we are witnessing care getting more reliable and safer than previous models. Despite this reliability, for most new cars, the most troubling part is the engine. Faulty engines have made many people sleep by the road for lack of towing services. It doesn’t mean the new generation of engines is prone to all types of dangers, some of the problems that new engines have are cause by us humans.

There are a lot of bad habits that might be killing the life of your engine, and top of these include the following;

Revving your car

You should never rev your car before it reaches the working temperature. If you rev it quite often, you will cause a loss of compression resulting to engine failure. This advice is particularly important especially if you own a diesel truck or car. You need to wait until the oil and engine reach the appropriate working temperature before you can drive fast or rev your car.

Driving on an Empty tank

You should never drive on an empty tank. If you so, you are killing your fuel pump, and it can be very expensive to replace it. To have a proper function, a fuel tank needs to have a certain level of fuel. When the fuel tank is so low, it will either not work or overheat, and this may cause the engine to shut down. Always ensure that the fuel gauge is not below recommended level.

Ignoring Engine Lights

DashboardYou should never ignore checking on the engine light. Modern cars have lights on their dashboard that indicate in case something is wrong with the car engine. When the engine lights come on, you should never ignore as it means there is something wrong with the engine. If you can solve the problem at such time, you will be able to save yourself a lot of money in future, from engine failure.

Regular Maintenance

At any given time, never should a car go by skipping the scheduled maintenance. Such maintenance would be very important especially replacing the oil as it guarantees proper functioning of the car. You should always check on the coolant temperature. Most modern cars have a gauge on their dashboards for engine temperature. You should also avoid hard accelerations and aggressive driving as these subject the engine to too much strain and pressure, and might render it weak on the side of the compression.…

What You Should Expect From a Towing Company

roadside assistanceIt is common for a towing company to provide basic towing services. However, there are some things that set reputable towing companies apart. Ranging from price to the quality of the services and their history, you can predict whether what you are getting involved with is a trustworthy company or not. You can know a reputable towing firm through referrals, online reviews, asking from friends and family, and general research. The following are some of the aspects that you can expect from a good towing company. They will help you avoid the increasingly available unreliable firms.

Roadside Support

Even though you could only be looking for a towing service, it is important to find a firm that offers more than that. For instance, you might want a company that offers diversified services like roadside support. This includes small services such as battery repair, jump-starting, fuel delivery or other replacement services such as tire changes. If a towing firm is not in a position to offer some of these services, you might need to think twice before hiring it. This is an important factor that shows you whether what you are dealing with is a reputable towing company or not.


It is obvious that the service fee will be one of the main factors we consider before choosing a towing company. Even though it is a key aspect, it is not the only thing you should think about. There is a general habit with unreliable and dishonest companies who offer services at extremely low rates. This can easily tempt you if it is your only consideration. However, the end sequence will be more expenditure that might not be recognizable at first. They will mess up with your car, something that will exceed your anticipated costs.

24/7 call outs

24-7We all know that vehicles do not have a specific time of the day to break up! Besides, just because it is on a Sunday, you will not expect that this is a deterrent for your vehicle from breaking down! For this reason, there is a need for you to find a reputable company that will provide quality services whenever your car breaks down, whether it is during the day or night and whether it is on a Monday or Sunday. Reliability is one of the most important aspects you should consider before hiring a towing company.


Wide area service

This is also a very key factor to consider. A reputable towing company should be able to cover a wide area. This means that it should not only provide services to the local area. Your car might break down at a place far from home. Therefore, you need a company that will still find you and provides the much-needed assistance.


A reputable company is fully certified to provide the towing services. If you doubt this, always ensure that you ask the operators to produce the certification that reflects educational qualifications and legal legitimacy.…

Car Breakdown: Why You Should Hire a 24-Hour Professional Towing Service

Every car owner or driver understands the importance of proper car maintenance and servicing. You always want your vehicle to be in its optimal condition so you can go about your daily activities. However, one of the things you’re likely to experience on the road is a car breakdown. What happens when your vehicle is involved in a collision on the road? Or its engine fails? Or you have a flat tire? These are some of the circumstances you’ll find yourself in on the road.

Hiring a professional towing service will not only ensure your vehicle is taken to an auto shop for repairs but also make your experience less stressful. A reliable towing service should be able to offer 24-hour towing services. Remember your vehicle can develop problems late at night and you’ll still need help. Here are reasons why you should hire a twenty-four-hour towing service.

Protect your Vehicle

What do you think would happen to your vehicle when left in an unsafe location by the road unattended? That’s what some people do, but they end up finding their vehicle stolen or their possessions stolen. If you’re lucky and no one steals it or any of your items in the car, the local authorities will impound it. The first step to protecting your vehicle after a collision or a mechanical breakdown is to contact a professional towing service. Be sure you’re hiring a reliable and trustworthy company. When you contact a 24-hour towing service, the professionals will show up within the shortest time possible and tow your vehicle to your desired location.

Save time and Money

Leaving your vehicle in a parking lot somewhere or an unknown location after a breakdown would seem like a good idea to saving money. In reality, you risk having your vehicle vandalized or stolen. It’s important to note that not every towing company out there offers twenty-four-hour service, which is why you need to hire the right company. Having your vehicle towed to a safe location will protect your investment, thereby saving you money. You won’t have to wait for long hours before your towing company shows up.

A professional towing company can provide you with roadside assistance services such as gas delivery, engine complications, jumpstarting car batteries and lockouts. Hiring a trustworthy and reliable towing service will mean quality service and transparency when it comes to pricing.